Being Teenage in Somalia- Congrats to my big girl!

This is a spontaneous poem for my big big girl whom I am (the second) Mom to. She finished her Highschool in Somalia today by the young age of 16, maa shaa Allah tabaarakaLlah! Getting private teachers first, she later on started regular school, but could overjump two classes, maa shaa Allah. That´s why she... Weiterlesen →

„Why especially Somalia?“ Or: My Way to There

"Why especially Somalia?" Or: My Way to There. "You live in...Somaaaliaa?!? Why???" and "Whaaaat, how come...???" - These are maybe the most common questions I have to answer, when I meet someone new. Yes, especially Somali people are surprised by hearing that a German sister moved BY CHOICE to this country, where most of them... Weiterlesen →

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