Being Teenage in Somalia- Congrats to my big girl!

This is a spontaneous poem for my big big girl whom I am (the second) Mom to. She finished her Highschool in Somalia today by the young age of 16, maa shaa Allah tabaarakaLlah!

Getting private teachers first, she later on started regular school, but could overjump two classes, maa shaa Allah. That´s why she was the youngest in her class, even though the tallest from her appeariance, Allahumma baarik.

School life in Somalia is very taff- especially the last year of it. Why? Because the teachers don´t know how to pedagogical interact with the kids- they just write down their stuff (since schoolbooks are not always awailable) and leave. So students have to understand the lesson with the help of a private teacher by night time.

Another thing wich makes it more difficult: students have to memorize almost everything! From grade 8 even everything in English!

But my big girl she made it, alhamduliLlah. I´m so proud of her because she is a real power girl and I think the world is waiting for her to be conquered, in shaa Allah!

May Allah protect her and give her a happy life in Dunja&Akhirah!


💪You struggled hard,
Left all alone,
What interests

A teenage girl…

🎉Now you are there-
Finished the school,
In middle of nowhere-

But don’t be a fool!

🤩I’m sure you’ll find
And make your way-
As kind and strong you’ve

Always stayed.

❣Just make the best
Of everything,
Also take a rest

For your well being😘

🤩I’m proud of you
My biggest girl!
May Allah give you

Whatever is khair♥

Your Mama Khalisa

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