A Powerwoman from Turkey: We need Somalia!

As salaamu alaikum and Hello dear friends,

Yesterday  I had a very exciting occasion, which I want to share with you. It is about a short, but very nice meeting with a sister from Turkey! Actually it was not only her- her business-partner came to visit us as well- they came to Somalia for the second time.

I´m always glad to meet new people, especially those from outside. So we introduced each other and then I asked her:

„How come, you came to Somalia?“

Dilan answered, that she had a friend in the United States who is originally from Gabon, but had lots of Somali friends. He told her about Somalia and it´s possibilities to invest in. She got to know many interesting projects and decided to have a look at it by herself. Her main dream is to give Somali children a better future.

Has a heart for children: Dilan

A foreign woman dares to come to this dangerous country? You might ask yourself. Yes, indeed- and she fell in love with it! She returned safely and happy back to her home and had a mission: She want to help the country to develop and to show the world, that Somalia isn’t a country to be afraid of!

The best thing I got to hear from her: „Not only Somalia needs us- we need Somalia as well!!!“

That is a very inspiring statement! We need Somalia!??

If you really know this country, you immediately understand it: Somalia has already everything- it needs only people to help digging the treasure out! Somalia could be a very rich country, if there would be more people who discover it and assist the Somali´s with their projects. Because ideas and possibilities are there- missing are investments and some professional guidance.

Business Meeting with Dilan and Borak

Thank God that there are people like Dilan, who have such a good heart. By investing in the country she automatically invests in the childrens´ future as well!

Left to rigth: Borak with my son, Dilan, me, my Co-wife, her daugther and our husband

After our meeting my husband went with this nice people to show them some of his projects. One hour later they flew together to Istanbul, where there will happen a big Somali Business Conference, in shaa Allah.

Isn’t it nice to hear something positive like this? Isn’t it heartwarming that there are people and especially a woman so engaged to make the world a better place?


May Allah reward Dilan and all others, who believe in a better future for Somalia and give their best effort for it´s development, amin!

With best regards,




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