Hello, World! (About Us)

As salamu alaikum and hello dear friends,

Since English is the no.1 language in the world and many of the Somali people, which I would like to reach, are not only in Germany but in English- speaking countries, I decided to write some articles also in English language. From now on, the world can get to know me- and my team from Germali´s, in shaa Allah!

Even though I speak and listen to English language every day (I´m jumping between 3 languages), it´s not the same for me as in my mother tongue, but I found it´s necessary to take one step further. Only with training you can improve, as they say: practice makes perfect 😉

To our English-speaking readers

I would like to introduce our team from the Germali´s:

  • Ubah

deutsch-somali.pngShe is the fire- giver for this blog. It was her fascination about my story (as a German in HER country), which inspired us to develop this blog. Grown up in Germany, but with Somali roots and currently studying in England, she used to live between these 2 cultures: on one hand, the perfectionism of German culture, on the other hand the relaxed, African lifestyle of the Somali´s- very interesting mix by the way! Even though she is very busy most of the time, she will always remain as the inspiration of this blog. Hopefully she will join us in writing articles for you, in order to broaden your horizon as well as inspire you in different ways!

  • Fartun


She is my constant supporter and motivator. She does not have direct German ties, but is from the German part of Switzerland (so almost the same!), with Somali roots as well. Fartun lived almost her whole live in that German-Swiss part, so that she felt like a stranger, when she came to Somalia last year. Therefore she is the only team-member, which I´ve personally met– in Somalia! I´m looking forward for her moving once to here, so that we can enjoy more of her articles (in shaa Allah).

  • Asiya


She is like me a German sister, married with a Somali and has „Germali-children“. Even though she is married longer time, last year was her first time, when she dared to come to Somalia. It won´t be her last time visiting this county I hope, so in future we will here from here as well. Furthermore, she was the one, who organized the wonderful drawing by lot, when our blog reached 3.000 views (not long time ago lol).

  • Khalisa


That´s me, German muslima, married to a Somali and also having „Germali-children“, alhamduliLlah. 2010 was my first visit to Somalia, which got only interrupted by 3 visits to my home country so far. Since 2013 I´m settled in Garowe, the capital city of Puntland state of Somalia, enjoying my religious freedom, which I was missing in Germany. You will get to know much about my life as a German in Somalia, how it is to live in a big family, and much more!

What do we want?

Together we are the „Bridge-builders“ between Germany/outside-of-Somalia-world and Somalia. This aim we want to reach by giving you a multifaceted view about Somalia- by building a bridge between both worlds. That means, we want to give you more differenciated impressions than just the usual side, which is in focus world-wide: poverty, drought and war. As we know, these are the 3 things, everybody get´s in mind when he thinks on this country.

But there is much, much more to discover in this beautiful country! When you come here with 0 expectations, you will be surprised like me in the beginning- how the people managed their life, their schools, their businesses without even a proper government! You would be surprised about the overcrowded schools, the many universities, the very nice shops, and much more.

Beside that, the infrastructure is growing so fast, that after one month absence you will not recognize some streets anymore, because of the new houses and shops!

Smalische Hand.jpg

Furthermore we want to encourage the people outside of Somalia:

  • The Somali people from abroad– to learn some positive sides of the country, to show their kids their roots, and to encourage them to give some contribution to their home-country. Because it´s easy to blame the countries´mistakes, instead of changing something. So, it is much more important to ponder: what can I personally do, in order that the country can improve? If you say, „But I´m from Mogadishu, it´s too dangerous there!„, I can tell you, that Somalia is much bigger than that…!
  • For Non-Somali´s (especially Muslims): to discover a possible Muslim country to emigrate to, since in Somalia you can freely practice the Deen (religion, way of life). We are ready to help all of those, who are seriously interested, to find a place in Somalia.
  • For Non-Somali´s (especially Non-Muslims): to widen their horizon, to learn more about an undiscovered diamond, where there are thousands of investment-possibilities.

In the end, we are all from Adam and Eve, and the borders in the world are only man-made. So, why don’t we look over the borders?

We hope, you´ll enjoy your visit on our blog. We appreciate every inspiration for our further work or comments. Also we would be very glad, if you support us by liking and sharing this blog.

Thank you very much and see you soon (in shaa Allah) 🙂

Khalisa from the Germali´s


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